Quick & Easy To Follow Instant Grass DIY Installation Guide

Fine Lines Landscaping supplies quality, fresh and weed-free instant grasses to individual home owners and property developers in Gauteng and North West. We assist customers willing to install these instant grasses on their properties using simple home garden tools. This Evergreen Instant Grass Lawn Turf DIY Installation Guide can be used by anybody without prior gardening experience. Fine Lines Landscaping recommends the following tools which are usually present at most homes and commercial properties with existing gardens namely spade, shovel, pick-axe, hoe, fork, rack, wheelbarrow, hose pipe and roller. We recommend that the steps be followed from top to bottom to get the best lawn in your garden.

Key steps

Remove old grass or stones from the target area where the new instant needs to be layed. Use either a spade or pick-axe or hoe for this step.
Soften the soil on the target area so that roots of the new grass will establish quickly. Use a spade, hole or fork to spin and loosen the soil on the target area.
Flatten the ground using a rack so the sods(pieces) will be layed on a flat ground.
Spread the compost across the flattened ground to ensure the new grass will have nutrients for healthy growth. Use a rack so the compost is evenly spread out. We recommnd 1m3 of compost per 100m2.
Spread the superphosphate fertiliser on top of the compost. This helps in the development of the root system of the new grass.
Place the new grass sods very close to each other. Ensure borders and edges around trees and pavements are nicely cut and edged. Use a spad to cut the unwanted pieces from the sods.
Water the newly installed grass using a hose pipe so the grass is wet.
Use a roller to flatten the newly installed grass.
Take all the old grass, stones and excess sods into the bin so the garden looks clean and attractive. Should there be any dirty paved areas, use a broom and some washing detergents to clean the affected areas. At this point your garden should be looking great as the installation is over. We recommend watering the instant grass 2 to 3 times a week in summer for the best results.