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Crassula muscosa

Crassula muscosa (Rattail crassula, Watch chain, Lizard's tail, Zipper plant, Toy Cypress, Whip Cord, Club Moss Crassula, Princess Pine)

Crassula muscosa is an interesting succulent that grows up to 30cm tall with a spreading habit of stems tightly, overlapping, stacked, narrow, light green leaves. Crassula muscosa's leaves completely hide the stems, which start erect but then trail over from the weight of all of the leaves. The small pale yellowish-green, musty-smelling flowers appear along with leaves tight along the stems in spring to mid-summer. Rattail crassula is a great plant for adding a unique texture to a mixed planting or small-scale ground cover a well-drained mound or rock garden.

A minimum spacing of 0.15m when planting is recommended best results.

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