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Sedum Acre

Sedum Acre (Goldmoss stonecrop, Moss stonecrop, Biting stonecrop, Wall Pepper, Bird's Bread, Common Stonecrop, Country Pepper, Creeping Charlie)

Sedum acre, or Moss Stonecrop or Goldmoss stonecrop, is a small, hardy, that tolerates only occasional foot traffic. Sedum Acre is often found in sunny situations on limestone hills, rocks and walls, especially near the sea. Sedum Acre can be grown as a houseplant with bright direct light from a window or grow light. Moss Stonecrop is low to the ground, mat forming, and spreads aggressively and can be used for ground cover in a sunny position; although it can overwhelm other plants of similar height.

A minimum spacing of 0.15m when planting is recommended best results.

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